Generic Architectures for Individual Self-Aware Computing Systems


Holger Giese, Thomas Vogel, Ada Diaconescu, Sebastian Götz, and Kirstie Bellman. “Generic Architectures for Individual Self-Aware Computing Systems”. In: Self-Aware Computing Systems. Ed. by Samuel Kounev, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Aleksandar Milenkoski, and Xiaoyun Zhu. Springer, 2017. Chap. 6, pp. 149–189. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-47474-8_6


Making computing systems self-aware calls for appropriate architectural designs of such systems that allow developers to explicitly decide and reason about the system’s self-awareness capabilities. In this context, a critical issue is the development of appropriate reflections that enable self-awareness and that impact the architectural design. This chapter, therefore, discusses generic architectures for pre-reflective, reflective, and meta-reflective self-awareness as well as various forms of constructing reflections while focusing on an individual system as opposed to a collective of self-aware computing systems. Finally, we discuss the presented ideas with respect to existing control schemes and architectural styles for self-adaptive software that seem to be promising for the architectural design of self-aware computing systems.


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