L.079.07501 Search-Based Software Engineering

Proseminar, Summer 2022, Bachelor Studies, University of Paderborn

Course in PANDA


In search-based software engineering (SBSE), we aim to automate the solving of software engineering problems. For this purpose, a software engineering problem is reformulated as a search problem, in which optimal or near-optimal solutions should be found in a search space of candidate solutions. To realize the search, techniques from operations research, search-based optimization, and computational intelligence (evolutionary algorithms) are used.

In this seminar, we will discuss the fundamentals of SBSE and different problem areas such as automated design, test generation, test prioritization, crash reproduction, program repair, as well as genetic programming. Besides learning the fundamentals of SBSE and specific techniques for different problem areas, you will gain practical experience in using search-based tools.

Topics will be announced in PANDA.

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